New York Misdemeanor Lawyer

A misdemeanor in New York can be anything from shoplifting (petit larceny) to prostitution. It carries a sentence of no more than 1 year and is considered to be a lesser criminal act than that of a felony. The most severe misdemeanor is a Class A misdemeanor. Class B misdemeanors impose up to a 30 day jail sentence in New York. The length of a jail sentence, if any, is dependent on a variety of factors including whether it was a first time offense, whether it was a non-violent offense, the county in which the crime took place, and the effectiveness of your attorney, to name a few. An effective attorney can convince courts towards punishing individuals using means other than jail time such as community service, fines, or probation. However, violating probation will likely result in jail time, particularly without the assistance of an attorney. It is important to emphasize that misdemeanors can result in jail time and having a New York misdemeanor lawyer to assist you in maneuvering through all stages of the criminal process (from pretrial investigations to negotiations and even trial) is imperative to ensure the best outcome.