How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Combat a Felony Charge

All felonies are treated as serious crimes that are aggressively pursued by prosecutors in New York state. A felony charge is defined as any crime that carries a sentence of over one year of incarceration. Needless to say, a felony charge of any kind will have serious and permanent impact on your life and livelihood and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by prosecutors.  As a result, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight your felony charge is a must.

Felonies are grouped in different categories, which carry their own sentencing guidelines. A Class A felony is the highest degree of felony and is reserved for crimes including treason and murder. In New York, a Class A felony now carries a life sentence in prison without parole, as the death penalty was abolished in 2007. Murder charges are the type of charge that prosecutors in New York are unwilling to make deals on. Therefore, most murder charges go to trial. Maneuvering through selecting the best jury, handling objections, suppression of evidence, motions practice, and the use (or prevention of use) of witnesses, and more, all are complex processes that require the attention of a seasoned attorney in order to ensure that you are given a fair trial and the best outcome possible.

A Class B felony includes charges such as homicide, armed robbery, rape, drug trafficking, and certain forms of violent assault. A qualified attorney often can have these charges reduced or thrown out prior to going to trial.
A Class C felony in New York is a lessor felony charge that includes certain assault charges, fraud, theft, robbery, larceny, distribution and possession of narcotics, and more fall into this category. C felonies also carry hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences as long as ten years.

Class D felonies include grand larceny, certain types of fraud, theft, robbery, burglary, and certain types of manslaughter in New York. New York sentencing guidelines call for large fines as well as incarceration of up to five years per felony.

A Class E felony in New York includes theft, assault, unwanted touching, aggravated harassment, and, at times, DUI and DWI’s. A Class E felony can result in anywhere from 2-5 years in jail, depending on the crime and circumstances surrounding it.

Having a felony of any degree will have permanent and devastating impact on all aspects of your life. Felony convictions in New York permanently mar your record, jeopardize your career, and destroy your personal reputation permanently. In addition, a felony conviction will prevent you from voting, purchasing firearms, applying loans, getting security clearances, and prevent you from applying for a litany of licenses.